Denver Library “Creating Your Community” Project

A while ago I was able to meet the people behind Denver Library’s latest IMLS-funded digital archive project: Creating Your Community. We mentioned this website in one of our updates from the Interface group, but I wanted to give a quick update because it is now live and appears to be fully functioning. The front end was built entirely in Drupal using a customized version of the Zen theme (I believe).  They are calling it a “social archive” which I think is a pretty accurate description of what we are trying to propose.

Here is the link to the main site:

I think what makes this particular project so relevant to what we are working on is that it allows for individual users to register and upload their own personal content to the site, as part of a community group. Chris has mentioned in the beginning he was hopeful to have that functionality. You can see the communities that have been created here:

I also love how when you go into a community page, you are able to see a brief overview of what that community consists of, and then you can browse the content that has been added by the library or uploaded by the user, by content type. I think this is a really user-friendly way to organize the information and could be applied to the COAHSI project. Example here:

I recommend everyone explore this site if you haven’t already. It is really pretty spot-on to many of the things that we need this website to do.